Why No One Will Every Buy Your Product or Idea...

Here's a very important sales tip:

People will never buy your product or idea because...

People don't want to buy your product.
They want to buy the product of your product.

People don't buy your product because of the product itself. They buy it because of what benefits it will give them. Your product is simply a medium for them to get what they want.

People don't buy paint, they buy beautiful walls.

What does this mean for public speaking and persuasion?
It means, don't sell the features of your product...sell the benefits!  

Therefore, when pitching business ideas to your boss, selling yourself in an interview or selling a product, show people exactly how they will benefit:

Now, take the following quiz to find out how well you can sell*:


In the following multiple choice questions, pick the best answer to question:

1. If you were pitching your idea to your boss, which statement would do the best job of persuading him?
(A). This is a revolutionary idea
(B). By implementing this idea, you will be able to increase employee morale and hence increase your employee productivity and company profits.
The AXE deodorant advert sells the BENEFIT for men: Women will chase after you if you use it

2. If you were selling a product (e.g. house), which sales pitch would persuade the customer to buy?
(A) The house is large, which means that there will be plenty of space for your two teenage daughters to have their own bedrooms. For you, this means that you'll be able to have visitors over without having to worry about not having enough room to host them all.
(B) The house occupies over 2000 acres of land

3. If you were selling yourself in an interview, which one would do a better job of getting you the job? Let's say the interviewer has just asked you, "Where have you worked before?"
(A) I've worked in Company ABC
(B) I've worked with Company ABC on their Technology-Implementation Project. This means that I have experience in implementing new technologies, and therefore can help your company implement the new software that has been proposed.

4. You are talking to your friend. Which one is more likely to convince your friend to come shopping with you?
(A) I'm so bored. You want to go shopping tomorrow?
(B) Hey, if we go shopping tomorrow, you can buy the shirt you've been talking about all week and I can buy my...

1. B
2. A
3. B
4. B

People don't buy paint, they buy beautiful walls. Don't sell the features, sell the benefits...

*P.S. Did you notice how I sold you the benefit of taking the quiz? ("Take the quiz and Find out how well you can sell")