How to Tease and Flirt with Your Audience

How to Tease and Flirt with Your Audience

What's the best way to get your audience curious?
How do you get them so curious that they're begging
you to know more?
  • Public Speaking Tip: Tease, Don't Tell

Before your audience will value the information you’re giving,
they’ve got to want it. Demand has to come before supply.Most presenters take the audience’s desire for granted,
but that’s a big mistake. Great presentations are mysteries,
not encyclopedia entries.

  • Example: The Girl Effect
An online video called “The Girl Effect”  starts by recounting a
list of global problems: AIDS. Hunger. Poverty. War. Then, it asks,
What if there was an unexpected solution to this mess?
Would you even know it if you saw it? The solution isn’t the Internet.
It’s not science. It’s not government. Curious? See, it works.
(Go to for the answer.)

  • Even TV Shows Do It!
Curiosity must come before content. Imagine if the TV show Lost had begun with an announcement: “They’re all dead people and the island  is Purgatory. Over the next 4 seasons, we’ll unpack how they got there. At the end we’ll take questions.” We’ve all had the experience of being in the audience as a presenter clicks to a slide with 8 bullet points. As he starts discussing the first bullet point, we quickly read all 8. Now we’re bored. He’s lost us. But what if there had been 8 questions instead? We’d want to stay tuned for the answers.

  •  "What's the next question I want them to wrestle with?"
The best presenters don’t structure their presentations
by thinking, “What’s the next point I should make?”
Instead, they decide, “What’s the next question I want them
to wrestle with?”

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