10 BEST Communication and Public Speaking Books to Read

Top 10 Communication and Public Speaking Books

I've read hundreds of books related to public speaking, 
communication skills and persuasion. Most of them
were good, but a few stood out as extraordinary.
Here's my list of 10 Best Books for you to Read if 
you want to become a better persuader and communicator.

10. Confessions of a Public Speaker - Scott Berkun

9. Enchantment - Guy Kawasaki

8. Present Your Way to the Top - David J Dempsey 

7. Say it Like Obama and Win - Shel Leanne

6. So What? How to Really Communicate what Matters to Your Audience - Mark Magnacca

5. The Reagan Persuasion - James C Humes

4. Influence: Science and Practice - Dr. Robert Cialdini

3. World Class Speaking - Craig Valentine

2. YES - 50 Scientifically Proven Strategies for Persuasion - Dr. Cialdini

and the WINNER...
1.  Made to Stick - Chip and Dan Heath
"A truly outstanding book. Without doubt the best book that I've read on communication skills" - Akash P. Karia (Public Speaking Coach)

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