Your 50 Top Achievements?

Recently I read a book which talked about the importance of writing down your achievements. Many people underestimate themselves because they don't give themselves enough credit for their achievements. What are your Top 50 achievements? If you think hard enough, you'll manage to come up with 50. Here's mine:

Public Speaking Achievements

1. Working as a public speaking coach and trainer, leading workshops for high schools, Universities and Professional Associations. To date, I've conducted over 80+ workshops and speeches.

2. Run a highly popular public speaking blog:

3. Authored  a 50 page guide called 'Secrets of Superb Speeches' (being sold at HK $80). Currently writing a second book for the general public + have plans to create a presentation skills DVD

4. Grew a public speaking community of 1600+ (and growing) fans on my Facebook fan-page:, Join Me for daily speaking tips!

5. Set up a presence on YouTube: Subscribe and check out my videos to receive video tips on how to become a powerful presenter and persuader.

6. Sharing public speaking tips on Twitter:!/Speaking_Coach. Let's connect on Twitter!

"YES, I Can" Wins

7. Transformed from a shy introvert into a person confident in my own abilities (and I'm still working at it). Now I enjoy teaching the skills I learned to other students struggling with social shyness.

8. Failed the entrance examinations and got rejected from Isamilo International School. On my third attempt, I passed. When I graduated, I graduated as a School Prefect and with a Distinction in my academic transcript (one of Top 5 students in the class). 

9. Almost failed my first Economics examination. After some encouragement from my teacher, I graduated with an A* in my IGCSE-Economics examination (as well as the award for 'Best Economics student').

10. Won the award for 'Best in Kenya' for A-Level Economics because I received the highest marks in Kenya for my A-Level Economics examination (here > Search for Karia, Akash)

11. Struggled as a skinny boy until the age of 16, at which point my best friend and I joined the local gym. Last year, I set a personal record of dead-lifting 185kg, bench-pressing 90kg for 3 reps and squatting 110kg (@a lean bodyweight of approx. 70kg).

12. Struggled with Physical Education class in high school. When I graduated in 2006, my P.E. teacher awarded my the award for 'Outstanding Student' (for being Top 3 in the Class) and wrote in my report: "Akash is an astoundingly strong and impressive specimen". That comment had me gloating for days!

13. Travelled to Dubai as part of my high school Rugby team. Didn't get too much playing time, and no touchdowns, but had an awesome time nonetheless.

14. Tried out Stand-Up comedy at Take-Out Comedy in Hong Kong. Several laughs. Not going to be making millions as a stand-up comedian, but gave it a good shot!

15. Below average reader when I entered the 5th grade. Now, I read approximately one book a week and have devoured over 50 books in the past year alone. Check out my reading list here

16. Got rejected from Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Instead, I ended up at a fantastic university in Hong Kong which has allowed me to discover my passion for public speaking. God always has a plan. There's lots of improvements to be made, but I have always struggled and with help, eventually pull through to become a better me.

Awards and Trophies:

17. Champion - Toastmasters Area H2 Evaluation 

18. Champion - Impromptu Speaking  (Area H2)

19. Champion for HKUST Impromptu Speech Contest

20. Champion for HKUST Toastmasters International Speech Contest (2 years in a row) 

21. Best Presenter at Rusinga Economics Symposium

21. Won Best Resolution in Security Council at the East African Model United Nations

22. 1st Runner Up for Humorous Speech Contest (Area H2)

23. 1st Runner Up for International Speech Contest (Area H2)

24. 1st Runner Up for HKUST English Speech Contest

25. 1st Runner Up for Division H Impromptu Speech Contest

26. 2nd Runner Up for Division H International Speech Contest

27. Won a total of over 40+ other public speaking awards

28. Learned how to play chess on my computer. Won the Hindu Youth Union Chess Championship. Beat my computer at chess when I set it on beginner mode :)

29. Learned how to play Texas Hold'Em Poker. Started playing on PokerStars (no real money involved): began with $1000 playing chips, worked my way up to $90,000...never really managed to break the $100K mark though. Began wishing it was real money...!

Leadership Achievements

30. Elected President of my Toastmasters (Speaking) Club at University

31. Elected Head of School in my high school + Prefect in the previous high school 

32. Elected Leader for a brutal 5 day survival camp called Barbwire. Placed 2nd out of 5 teams and won the award for Best Team Spirit.

33. Elected Ambassador for the East African Model United Nations. Gave an impromptu speech about my experiences during Assembly and got lots of intended laughter and hand-clapping from the audience...I've been addicted to being up on stage ever since!

34. Appointed Team Leader the Rusinga Economics Symposium. We won the overall award for Best Team for our presentations on Globalization in Kenya. 

35. Founder of the 'High School Apprentice' program, which I started up in Greensteds School. Based on the Donald Trump show, I got an overwhelmingly positive result after the informal announcement and raised several hundred dollars within the first week for my online-magazine.

The Most Important Victories

36. Won the 'Family Lottery'. Have two loving parents who sacrifice a lot for me to be able to pursue my dream, and a cute and caring little sister whom I love dearly.

37. Have great relations with my large extended family and cousins, spending time together on most weekends.

38. Have a beautiful and healthy relationship with the love of my life, Chloe Sha.

39. Took a big step and told my family about Chloe, and they all lovingly accepted her.

40. Have best friends with whom I have shared very precious memories. These are the people who I truly cherish and can't thank enough for their support: Afshaan Admani, Aliridha Rashid, Alfaz Kanji, Salim Panjwani. 

41. Have an awesome group of friends at University!!

42. Never drank alcohol in my life and never will.

43. Never smoked and never will.

44. Never used harmful drugs and never will.

45. Upon a teacher's recommendation, wrote a proposal for a charity event called 'Stand-Up and Smile'. The event was approved by the Headmaster and we raised several hundred dollars for Operation Smile in Kenya.

46. Began volunteering to help the victims of the 2008 election violence. Raised money for a man called Peter so that he could restart his life. Watch my speech about this story here 

Attitude Achievements
47. Family first.

48. It ain't over till I win

49. Read, read, read...and you'll be able to improve any area of your life. 

50. Have a growth mindset. Everything can be improved through proper coaching, reading and guidance.