Best Marketing Advert Ever!

What can the "Best Marketing Gimmick Ever" teach you about effective communication?

As you'll see for yourself soon when you "play" the advert (link at the end of the article), you'll realize the communication skills lessons.

1. Audience Involvement - people learn best when they are involved. In this marketing gimmick, you are physically involved (controlling the right, left keys on your keyboard) and don't even care that you're prey to a clever marketing gimmick. When you give a presentation, involve the audience by asking them questions, getting them to physically move around, playing games with them

2. People like Games! People like fun things. The marketing gimmick is fun. During the game, you get to drive around, jump into different hotel rooms. When you give a presentation, keep it fun...use lots of humour, keep the atmosphere "light", use games to get your point across

3. Go try out the marketing gimmick for yourself (It may take a while to load), but it'll be worth it: