Creating High-Impact, Memorable Presentations

Use Metaphors and Similies to Create Visual Images

Using stories and metaphors is actually quite easy. It is simply the act of saying, “It’s like...”, and then creating a small series of mental pictures.

It’s certainly not a new idea. But it is a wonderfully effective way of taking a complex, abstract idea and turning it into something that people can ‘see,’ that they can ‘get’ quickly.
It’s the difference between saying,

“We’re a small company competing against big brand names,” 


“We’re that four foot nothing martial artist that takes on the six foot boxers... and flattens them all!”*****

An American professional speaker describing what it’s like to speak for the Youth market:
“You have to smuggle your messages in-between stories. You have to be like a motivational ninja!” 

The Chief Financial Officer of an investment firm, after the Recession:
“This time last year, you were lost in the forest and you were afraid, and you turned to me for guidance. What you didn’t know was that I was equally scared. But that wasn’t good enough. So we dug deep, and pulled on a hundred years of experience, and sought real answers. We found a glimmer of light in one direction and led you that way. We are proud to say that we are now emerging from the forest, and the choice we made for you was borne out as the right one.”

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This article was written by Douglas Kruger. Douglas Kruger has represented Africa in the Toastmasters World Championship finals three times. He is the author three books, including 50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker. See him in action, or review his books and articles, at: