Build Their Pain

Tired of all the rejections?
Want to stop getting rejected and get more sales?
Want to get a three step process that will allow you to make more money?
Read on...

Say that you are a salesperson in charge of selling a product which would help people save on their utility bills. Most people would pick up the phone and, after introducing themselves, would say something like this:

"I am calling to see if you would be interested in implementing our new product which will help you save money on your utility bills"

Such a sales-pitch is likely to result in plenty of rejections. If you want to cut the number of rejections and increase the number of sales, try this three step process instead.

Say this

(1) "I am calling because we believe that you are OVERPAYING on your bills"
Build the other person's pain by showing them how they are currently suffering. In this case, the potential client's problem is that they're paying more than they should be paying.
After you've given them the problem-statement, then go on and offer the solution:

(2) "We have a new service which will allow you to CUT THE EXCESS PAYMENTS."
Frame the solution in terms of something which will reduce their pain

(3) "Would be interested in getting together next weekend to see how we can help you SAVE OVER 30% on your bills?"
Finally, frame the solution in terms of benefits

Result of this three step method?
Fewer rejections, more sales :)