Sales/ Cold Calling Techniques

At the end of the cold call, instead of pressuring the other person, try to get their commitment by asking them this simple question:

  • Where do we go from here?

When asking for an appointment, say:

  • With your permission, would it be alright if I touched base with you tomorrow at 11am?

How to handle common objections, such as "We're already using somebody else" or "We don't have the budget"? Simply reply:

  • That's not a problem. I wasn't looking to replace what you currently have. I was just wondering if you were willing to be open to a new perspective/opportunity that you may not have now.

What to do when someone calls to ask for "more information"? Simply reply:

  • That's not a problem. Would it make sense if we first figured out what are the two or three core problems you are trying to solve, then I can figure out how to best help you solve them.