Your Love Story in 10 Words

Your Love Story in 10 Words

You know how public speaking coaches always tell you to have just one single core message that you want to leave the audience with? And that you should be able to summarize it in less than a sentence.  

Well, now imagine if you had to summarize your Love Story in just ten words or less! How would you do it? 

Here's an example:

  • We had chemistry in Chem class.

Here's mine:

  • Marry Me? She asked me.  
Okay, fine, that's not really how it happened...but it could...I'm still trying to convince her...Come on Chloe :)

At the end of the post, you'll find mine and Chloe's  - the actual one...the way it really happened. 

Here's some of the best ones that I came across. Enjoy, smile, love! 

Met in leftist group. Felt right.

In the morning, she made pancakes.

Dog approves; maybe this guy's good?

Hearts clubbed by diamonds in spades.

Love means never leaving me behind.

Saw him. Hired him. Married him.

Just married. Still figuring it out.

Found him in Google image search.

He loves me. And comic books.

I was late. He waited hours.

Engaged in 3 weeks; still married.

Married at 19, we're now 62.

She fed me; Me wed She.

I'm his better half.

College sweethearts, two kids, one dog.

Key to happy marriage: "Yes, dear"

Will wait forever for his proposal.

First date, he did the cooking.

Speed dating? Who worked!

He stuck with me through everything.

I thank myself for choosing him.

Oceans of love, millions of kisses.

Two became one despite the odds.

Hearts fluttered alone, together they flourished.

Still college sweethearts 30 years later.

Rain on the roof. Strong arms.

My emotional anchor. Every single day.

And mine...the way it really happened:

  • I proposed. I danced. She laughed. We're in love.