SUCCESS Formula for Memorable Presentations

SUCCESS Formula for Memorable Presentations

Want an easy formula for creating memorable presentations?

If you follow these guidelines, then your audience will have no choice but to be wrapped up in your speech/presentation:

  • Simple - Boil your presentation/speech down to one simple, core message. What one thing do you want you want your audience to remember by the end of the speech? You should be able to summarize this point in one sentence - and in a words that even a child could understand.

  • Unexpected - The best way to grab your audiences attention is to do or say something unexpected. However, don't make this gimmicky (i.e. just for the sake of being unexpected). Make sure your 'twist' is part of your message. One way of doing this is to provide shocking facts/statistics. For example, "one bag of popcorn is as unhealthy as a whole day's worth of fatty foods!" would shock your listeners into paying more attention to your 'Healthy Eating choices' presentation.

  • Concrete - avoid vague language. Provide specific, clear details. Instead of saying "a few months ago", say "On 19 March 2011". Instead of saying "eat healthy", say "make a commitment to never eat at McDonalds".

  • Credible - Talk about things where you have an expertise. In other words, if you're speaking about "How to be a Millionaire in 10 days", make sure you're not broke.

  • Emotional - Engage people's emotions by telling them a story.

  • Story - Use stories. Stories are a very powerful way of engaging people's emotions. Read more about the power of stories here

There you have it, the SUCCESs checklist for sticky presentations. 

P.S. This formula was taken from Chip and Dan Heath's fantastic book, "Made to Stick"

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