5 Step Universal Referral Script

This works for any industry, selling any product, for persons of any experience level:
  1.  Transition Statement: “By the way Mrs. Jones, you may not know this about me but I really only prefer to work with people who are friends or friends of friends.”

  2.  Service Statement: “I’m just trying to share this opportunity with as many qualified people here in ________ as possible.”

  3.  Paint the Picture Statement:  “By chance do you happen to know anyone who is _______, ________, ­­­­_________, _________ (fill in 4 characteristics of your perfect client) who might be open minded to hearing about __________ (whatever service you provide)?”

  4. Mental Rolodex Statement (memory jogger): “Think of people you know from…Family, Work with, church, neighbors, kid’s best friend’s parents, play softball, college etc”

  5. Closing Statement: “Would you mind introducing us?”
About the Author
This article was written by Rory Vaden and was orignally published on his site: In 2007, Rory became the World Champion of Public Speaking first runner-up for Toastmasters International out of 25,000 competitors worldwideShare.