Unleash Your Persuasion Power Highlights

How would you like to discover scientifically proven principles which will change the way you communicate? Results Guaranteed! 

BTW, act fast because there are only 6 seats left for the Unleash Your Persuasion Power seminar. 

P.S. Ticket prices go up to HK $697 next month (currently only HK $497 for 2 days training), so reserve your seat now and save money (HK $200 in savings for acting now)

Unleash Your Persuasion Power Highlights

12 Power Words You Can Use to Easily & Instantly Influence People: What If someone handed you a list of “magical words” which you could easily substitute into your daily conversations and increase your chances of getting people to say “Yes” to your request? Yes, such a list does exist but unfortunately very few people know about it! In this workshop, you will learn words which are scientifically-proven to increase compliance rates.

Adding Depth & Personality to Your Presentations: Many speakers fall into the habit of simply memorizing their scripts and vomiting information on their audiences. Your audience, however, wants to know you as a real person, an interactive person. So you'll learn 4 principles for making your presentation a special experience for your audience based on your personal presentation style.

Finding Your Voice & 'Presence’: Why is it that some speakers seem to have a natural ‘presence’? While exploring this question, you will learn fun body-language basics. Learn what your non-verbal behavior is (or isn’t) saying about you. In this section, you will play an insightful game and be able to review your performance on video. 

6 Proven Persuasion Principles which you can use to influence friends, family and colleagues

6 Step Instant Influence Formula: What if you had a scientifically proven 6 step system which would win people over to your way of thinking? Even if this is the only thing you learn during the workshop, then this workshop will have been many times over worth the admission price! 

Date: Saturday & Sunday (20 August & 21 August 2011)
Time: 10.30am to 5.00 pm
Venue: HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon
Cost: Only HK$497 (H$397 for full-time students). Prices go up HK$697 next month

(Full Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked)

LIMITED SEATING: Only 6 seats left!

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